What Is Web Conversion and How Can It Benefit You?

Web conversion is a crucial factor in the success of any e-business. The “conversion” refers to the transformation of casual website visitors into valuable customers, clients or members.

If you run an e-commerce site, conversion could be measured as a visitor buying one of your products.

If you run a site to generate leads for your business, conversion happens when a visitor sends in a contact form or otherwise gets in touch with you because of the website.

For a content-based website, converts are those who register for related forums or e-newsletters.

For a customer service website, simply finding the information they need marks a visitor as a convert.

The percentage of visitors who make the leap for a given site is called the conversion rate.

No matter how well your website is otherwise designed, without a high web conversion rate, it won’t generate the business you’re after. Would-be clients may leave with a favorable attitude toward your business, organization, or product, but they’ll lack the drive to do anything about it. The reasons for this lack of enthusiasm are often surprising and seemingly insignificant. That’s why conversion rate optimization has been a well-kept secret in the Internet marketing community… Until now.

Here’s How You Can Supercharge Your Web Conversion

This is where Faster Smarter Better comes in. We’ve cracked the codes to web conversion, and we’re sharing them in the form of streamlined, easy-to-understand online videos. With our helpful tips, you’ll find visitors swarming to take actions that benefit you and your business.

You’ll learn how to guide them in ways that are as subtle as they are effective. Not only will you learn what drives web conversion, you’ll learn exactly how to apply it to your own website. For example, you’ll learn how to create a video opt-in page that will get far more response than a normal opt-in page.

Our tips will help you generate more sign-ups to your e-mail marketing programs. You’ll learn how to create pop-ups that motivate rather than annoy your visitors. And have you ever wondered how to leverage the power of social media sites like Youtube and Twitter? That’s in here too, along with much, much more. If you want your website to work for your business, you need Faster Smarter Better