What is a Page Conversion?

The “page conversion” is the completion of an action by a Web visitor that benefits an online business. All online marketing seeks to inform, guide and steer Web traffic through a series of steps that will ultimately result in a sale. When a new customer completes a purchase, this is the fulfillment of the efforts, time and investment of the marketing campaign. Online marketing is the invitation to the potential customer; page conversions are the accomplishment of the goals of the marketing campaign – crossing the finish line of success.

Winners Complete the Sale

Athletes practice in order to perform well in contests. It doesn’t matter if they practice well, if they don’t succeed during the game. The same thing is true for online marketing. Online marketing must result in sales. A successful online business runs a “conversion-optimized” website that transforms Internet visitors into leads or customers. The “page conversion” is important because all else is merely a precursor to this final goal. A store might have great products and numerous visitors, but if it never “completes the sale,” it is a failure. Sales are the final score that determine the winners and losers.

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