Viral Content For Link Building


viral-content-link-buildingViral content is any content that can be easily shared. Be it images or videos, articles or blogs anything that catches the fancy of people on the internet and that leads them to share it among themselves, can be simply termed as viral content.

Link building can have various SEO definitions. But lets look at it in a laymen style. The simple understanding is that a website building online relationships and networks with other companies or websites, in such a way that they link back to the original website is known as link building. In other words, it is friendship between websites! Learn from these link building techniques.


For instance, look at this analogy.

Two kids are friends over various interests. The easier it is to share, the easier it is to form stronger bonds based on popularity. In a similar way, link building occurs over viral content rather easily because when the masses are appreciating the work and so more sites will link back to them. If the girl in the picture was offering all the toys to play; and if the toys are real fun, the little boy is sure to spread the word about how awesome she is. The same happens with viral media and link building.

How And Why Viral Content Works For Link Building


1. More Popularity Leads To More BackLinks

Suppose you have written a post on the latest mobile phone to be launched in the market. Everyone begins to read you post and if it is a well thought post, it gets shared rapidly. Consequently, good content gets a good number of sites linking back to them on the subject. So, your good work will be rewarded with better links and consequent presence on search results.

2. Create Content For Masses

Again, while a popular post gets a good number of BackLinks, how do people know that a post is good enough to share? How will people read the content? For that, you have to write for the masses in the sense that, you have to write what people want to read. Example, it’s the week for the hugest Hollywood release. Can this connect to your business in anyway? Draw parallels and create images or videos or blogs or anything else on the subject, while people are keen to explore it.

Simply put, understand the nerve of your target audience.

3. Not All Content Is Viral – Beware!

You might think that you’re doing something awesome, but at the end of the day, not all the content is viral. Generally Infographics, softwares, apps, etc gain popularity easily. The catch here is to create content in such a manner, basing your work on questions like:

  • Will people find this useful?
  • Will people link back to my website for this content?
  • Will people love to share this content?

Answering the above questions in the affirmative makes your content more shareable; and the more shareable your content is, the more viral it can get and the more chances there are for people to associate with you, enhancing your link building activities.

Divya is a passionate web development expert. She works on marketing strategies, SEO, SMO and related areas in a reputed SEO company and also enjoys blogging and content writing.

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