The History Of The Internet


Many can’t remember what life was like without the internet. It wasn’t long ago that this didn’t exist, and it has revolutionized the way that many people live. The history of the internet starts with the military, and it continues to evolve today. The first origins of the internet begin in the 1950s, when computers were first being developed. As computers continued to develop, the internet eventually became a reality. The uses of the internet have also changed drastically since it began. What is internet and its uses? Learn below.

The Internet in Universities

When the public first learned that something like the internet was possible, it was through a professor at a university. Computers at several different universities began to be linked, and messages could be sent between them. This was amazing at the time; nothing like this had ever been done before. Several other networks in the United States and Europe were developed and used throughout the 1960s. At this point it will still not available to the general public. By the 1970s as more networks were emerging, a variety of protocols were developed. At this point, many of the separate networks began to merge to create interlinked networks. These were largely used throughout this time by the United States government and the department of defense.

The Beginning of the Internet

The internet protocol suite was introduced in 1982, and this was the beginning of world wide connected network. This was still not available to the general public but through work done by the National Science Foundation, more organizations were provided access. This included educational organizations and research companies. It was not until the late 1980s that most individuals were able to get access to the internet. What was available at that time was very limited, but it was the first time anything like this had existed. The Internet opened to commercial uses in 1995, and it began to take off.

Changes In Society

Currently, the internet has hugely expanded. There is information about almost every topic, and social networking has changed the way that many people live. People are now able to buy and sell goods and services online, which has made a huge impact on businesses. The internet is not only just available to computers; now there are also cell phones which now have the option to connect to the internet. Connecting can be done wirelessly, and there are always new and exciting applications for the internet. There is even the ability of some to work over the internet. This invention has changed the way that many Americans live.


From the beginnings of the internet, it was mainly only available to a few agencies. Many were not aware of what was to come, but it was in the works long before there was instant messaging or social networking. With origins at several prestigious universities, the internet has a very interesting and unique history. As time goes on, the internet may continue to evolve even more. There is so much potential, and it all start with a simple network that linked together two colleges.

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