SEOPressor WordPress Plugin Review

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SEOPressor WordPress Plugin Review

How good is the SEOPressor WordPress plugin?  Chances are you arrived at this site after clicking a link to this page that appeared as a result of doing a Google search.  You probably typed in something like seopressor review or seopressor reviews.  You’re arrival at this webpage is no accident – in fact we deliberately planned to bring you to this blog at this specific time and to this specific product review.  Am I pulling you leg?  Nope.  That my friend, is the power of SEOpressor.  What is SEOPressor?  It’s a full-featured, unique, and powerful SEO plugin for WordPress that helps you to write search engine optimized blog posts that Google, Yahoo, and Bing will eat up and rank you ahead of the competition.  Our writers additively use this plugin to make sure that each of our posts are optimized as best as possible before hitting the “publish” button.  In other words, if you found this review by clicking on a Google search result – you can thank SEOpressor for bringing you to this site.

Why use SEOPressor As Your SEO Blogging Tool?

SEO Blogging ToolSEO consultants can be costly and if you want to learn how to do SEO yourself, well, you should be aware that really developing a deep understanding of how to optimize a website to rank competitively and consistently in the search engines can take months, if not years, of training.   SEOpressor gives website owners the best of both worlds.  It provides blog writers with clear guidance that is specific to the content being written in the same way that an SEO consultant would if one were standing right over your shoulder.  But it doesn’t just stop there – SEOpressor also gives you instant feedback and optimization recommendations that update as you type.  The SEOpressor plugin is dead simple to use and is ready to go right out of the box requiring minimal configuration.  In other words, SEOpressor tells web content writers step-by-step how to write a blog post that is optimized for Google.  Now that’s one powerful plugin!

Advantages of SEOPressor

SEOpressor works by creating a dashboard within your post creation screen of your WordPress admin area.  The plugin automatically calculates your overall SEO score which is based on what SEO experts have been able to backward engineer about Google’s search engine ranking algorithm.  It then provides intelligent, easy to implement suggestions about how to make your post more search engine compliant.  As you create your post, SEOpressor does the following:

  • Analyzes title tags and header tags for keyword usage
  • Detects keyword density and content length
  • Analyzes placement of keyphrase to ensure it is placed strategically throughout the post for maximum effect
  • optimizes images alt attributes and title attributes
  • automatically underlines, bolds and italicizes in-copy usage of keywords

Installation of SEOPressor is simple.  Plus, you try it out using their 60-DAY Iron-Clad 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the performance of this plugin, just get your money back.  Also, I encourage you to learn more about SEOpressor –> check out this video demonstration.

Disadvantages of SEOPressor

SEOpressor is not an all-in-one SEO solution.  This plugin is strictly designed to help you to optimize your individual posts by ensuring your keywords and links are placed in prime areas that help the search engines understand what your blog post is about.  Search engine optimization covers many areas including – keyword research, website architecture, coding, sever optimization, SEO site auditing, and linkbuilding.   SEOpressor won’t aid you with these things.  However, in terms of creating posts that are aligned to Google’s ranking algorithm there is no plugin available on the market today that does a better job. The plugin effectively guides you toward writing search optimize content to drive more traffic to your blog in a way that even the most novice content writers can understand.

SEOPressor Review Conclusion

While SEOPressor is not a free WordPress plugin, you can test it out for 60 days.  At only $47 for a single site license this plug is a steal when you consider not only what it does but also the amount of targeted traffic it has the potential of attracting to your website.  I’d highly recommend this WordPress plugin to any blog writer who is serious about improving the Google rankings of their articles.

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