Do You Really Think You Can Pay Pennies for SEO Copy?


pay pennies to do your SEO copies

There seems to be a common misconception among many people in the world of SEO that copywriters are cheap labor. Networking sites catering to writers and people with other skills across the world are full of job postings with rates that are simply criminal. With rates as low as, or even lower than, $1/hour it is surprising how people form even the poorest of backgrounds can survive on the money. Sure, there are people in the world to whom any amount of money can be very useful but do these people have computers and an internet connection? I doubt it very much. But still, in spite of these horrendously poorly paying jobs people are clambering over each other to be awarded the job with often hundreds of applicants battling it out for the opportunity to spend a whole day or two making a whopping five dollars. But what does the client paying such low rates get for their money.

You Get What You Pay For

Let’s face it; anybody would rather get paid as much as they can regardless of what job they may be in. Even the most charitable person in the world has their own bills to pay and their own families to support. If somebody is willing to work for $1/hour or so instead of aiming for the better paying jobs, there’s a reason for it. Anybody that is paying low rates should expect to sub-standard work that is full of errors and often makes little sense. Fixing these errors (and the inevitable Copyscape issues) can take so much time that it would be quicker to just write the copy yourself from scratch meaning that any money you have spent is a total waste.

Quantity over Quality?

For some people the lack of quality in their copy is, in their mind, not a problem. For them, the only important thing is keyword stuffing and link building as part of their SEO efforts and seo content marketing to get their websites ranking high on Google and other search engines. As far as they are concerned, regardless of the quality (or lack thereof) of their copy, the pittance that they have paid out is money well spent. But there’s a catch.

The catch is that it’s not up to the website owner or SEO campaign manager to decide whether quantity is preferable to quantity. That decision lies with Google and Google has made it clear in no uncertain terms that quality is King. Google is constantly developing algorithms that search the net to determine what it quality and what is not. Copy that is jam packed full of keywords is placed low in the quality rankings as is poorly written copy and copy that has little or no relevance to the site it is found on. The latest such algorithm, Google Panda, scours the net to identify the good quality copy and uses that quality copy to help determine website page ranking accordingly.

Cleaning Up the Net

What this means for many online marketers and website owners is that they are, sooner or later, going to have to buck up their ideas. They are going to have to begin to pay reasonable rates for their copy, write it themselves, or completely rethink their SEO strategies. This is good news for web surfers because it means that they will continue to find good quality sites on the net that are useful to them, rather than poor quality sites that do nothing but try to sell web surfers things that they don’t want. With Google’s efforts to clean up the net people paying peanuts for their copy will, hopefully, become a thing of the past.

When you are looking to hire copywriting services, bear in mind it is in your best interests to pay for quality

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