Pinterest Basics: What Is It & Why Is It So Popular


pinterest-basics-popularPinterest is a social media that gives opportunity to members to attach videos, images and other objects on their board. It is different from other social media because it focuses on building of a profile where you pin the pictures that are of great interest to you. Then you can vote up the pinned pictures and then make comments. To get in Pinterest you need to get an invite from somebody who is already in it. Once you are invited you can make use of other social media such as twitter or facebook to create a new Pinterest account. After login you can upload an avatar for the profile. It then takes you to a number of default pin boards from where you can start attaching your pictures in order to get moving. The good thing about it is that you can also create your own pin pictures and boards from various categories available, for example, sports, arts or fitness. Pinterest also allows you to pin videos, therefore you can put your favorite video so that you can share with others. It also contains a gift category set according to cost, making it possible to market low priced and high priced items. The most important thing to note is that spamming of the site makes it to shut down; therefore it is good to use it with moderation. Pinterest is so popular because of the following reasons.

Here’s how to use Pinterest for business:

Delight of discovery

Pinterest attract many people because it is organized in relevant categories and presented in a simple way with images. The comments made by people who have attached the item can be believed and also useful.

The urge for creativity It acts as a platform where every person can showcase creativity in art. It appeals to people to be creative in order to attract many people in their profile. In this platform, you have the opportunity to use your ideas and come up with something that is new and appealing to many people.

It gives hope for a better future

In case one is planning for a better future, Pinterest gives this hope that you will have everything needed when you get ready to launch your products. Pinterest is more than a mere tool because its system collects links and information in an easier way thus helping you to envision the future.

It pulls emotion

Pictures or images carry a lot of information and at the same time evoke emotions. The emotion evoked motivates one to take an action. The main focus on Pinterest is creation of moving and beautiful images which when presented well evoke emotions that makes people develop more interest.

Pinterest is addictive

It is difficult for anyone who has used Pinterest to stop using it. Just like other social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, Pinterest has an addictive quality in it. The emotions created, urge to be creative the delight for discovery makes Pinterest even more addictive. However, in order for it to have competitive edge over other social media it needs to be more innovative beyond is original concept.

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