How To Not Get Penalized By Google and Stay On Google’s Good Side

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not-get-penalized-google-stay-googles-good-sideA common thread in online advertising revolves around keeping your search engine ranking high. This is not an exact science, but there are a few things that you should do to ensure that Google does not penalize your website. Search engine optimization is different from your Google Adwords campaign, but it certainly it does not hurt to have both. Be aware of what Google wants and does not want before starting your SEO online advertising plan or other digital marketing strategy. Learn more on what is a google penalty.

Do Not Break the Rules

This should be a no-brainer, but a surprising number of people think that they can get around the rules that Google has implemented. Google has applied these rules for a reason and if you try to break them, Google will surely find out and will penalize your website. One thing to avoid is keyword stuffing, as Google wants your articles to be written for human beings, rather than search engines. While the algorithm changes that were brought forth by Panda and Penguin eliminated most of these poorly written articles, some website owners feel the need to attempt to outsmart Google, which never ends well. Create an honest online advertising campaign, as this will bring the best results.

Don’t Purchase Links

Google looks at the number of backlinks that your website has and uses this information to help with your search engine ranking. While this might make purchasing links sound like a good idea, it is not. Google now considers the quality of the websites that are linking to your website. If you purchase links, they are likely to be from a substandard website. When Google finds out that most of your links are from websites of this nature, it will punish your website and send you down the search engine rankings. While you can still use Google Adwords advertising, your SEO campaign will be in serious trouble if this occurs.

Create Fresh Content

It should go without saying that you must have unique content on your website, but some webmasters do not understand what this means. The content that you put on your website should not be found anywhere else online. If you own more than one website or will be advertising your website on another site, you must have unique content for each location. Once you have duplicate content, Google will find out and could end up blacklisting your website.

No Shortcuts

Overall, you should focus your online advertising on the products or services that you have to sell, while creating a website that people want to visit. Many websites in the past relied on black hat methods of driving traffic to their websites, which led to numerous Google changes. Today, the only way to succeed long term is to do things the right way. Take your time and use a variety of methods, such as Google Adwords advertising and SEO, to drive traffic to your website. If you build your business in an ethical way, you are sure to be rewarded by Google, rather than punished.

Patrick K. Feld is a blogger and internet marketer who recommends Perry Marshall’s training on Google AdWords at

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