Ultimate Entrepreneurs eCourse

This exciting interview between two of my personal mentors who are ‘GREAT LEGENDS’ of Internet and direct marketing — Corey Rudl and Dan Kennedy — discuss how you can make millions of dollars using the Internet, direct mail, radio, TV, classified ads, yellow page ads, infomercials, and MORE!

Corey talks about how he grew his business from $25 to over $40 Million in online sales

… And how he taught 1,000s of ‘real’ people to make massive incomes of $100,000 to $2.5 Million per year often working less than 10 hours per week.

And Dan Kennedy speaks about how he’s made HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars for his clients…

… Including companies like Weight Watchers, Amway, Mass Mutual Insurance, and the $200-Million-Per-Year Gunthy-Renker Corporation, famous for its celebrity infomercials with Victoria Principal, Vanna White, and Tony Robbins.

Together in this one-time-only interview
(just before Corey sadly passed away in a tragic car accident), Dan and
Corey reveal how to
start OR expand your first business…
and then GROW with the right
balance of advertising to generate MAXIMUM WEALTH, with minimal risk!

What you get for FREE today as my GIFT to YOU…

This compelling interview, contains over 226 minutes of audio.

Plus, there’s also a 65-page guidebook by Dan Kennedy, titled “The Secrets To Dramatically Increasing Your Internet Income — With High-Profit OFFLINE Direct Marketing Strategies!”

And to round it out, there’s also a 59-page book of CHEAT NOTES of the entire audio interview, along with a read-along transcript designed to help your buyers get maximum value from this exclusive recording.

I have sold this product online and offline to customers who gladly paid $197.00 all day long — but it’s yours FREE!

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