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Module 9

Objectives for this Module

In this module we will go over the advanced conversion tactics. These are our insider tricks of the trade that are proven to increase your conversion rates.

We’re going to be covering everything from modifications to your sales funnel that can increase conversions to getting you on a team of hungry affiliates that will ramp up your sales by promoting your product, and lead to a surge in your overall profits.

What you’re about to learn is nothing short of amazing. When we first stumble onto this, it was actually while reading a psychology article in one of the nation’s leading psychology magazines. It was a study that was done that led to us doing an experiment, which then led to phenomenal results.

In this module, we’ll build on the previous lesson to teach you how to add what we call the continuity multiplier to your business.


9 1 Video 1: Your Intro To Advanced Conversion Tactics
9 1 Video 1: Your Intro T ...
9 2 Video 2: Underground Up Sale Multipliers Exposed And Real Life Examples
9 2 Video 2: Underground ...
9 4 Video 3: FSB Covert Continuity
9 4 Video 3: FSB Covert C ...
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