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Module 8

Objectives for this Module

In this video, we are going to introduce you to tactics that will take you way beyond Google Adsense.

Step-by-step we are going to walk you outside of your
comfort zone, and show you how to reach a bigger audience, instantly!

You’re going to reap the rewards of buying media on the cutting edge.

#1 We’ll show you where there is less competition!
#2 Better ROI!
#3 Teach you how you can make your media partners treat you like the valuable customer that you are!

While your competition is still buying media with a shotgun, you will be using pinpoint laser accuracy and reaping the rewards of buying only the best media value available!

Don’t be satisfied with getting just a list of advertisers to try…

Here you’ll begin to discover were and how WE buy our own ads!

Watch as we break down your options and explain pricing and tell you how to understand conversion tracking!

You’re advanced lesson begins here with our favorite Ad-networks!

Jump into the HOTTEST, most important sector of media buying – now available!

Go beyond Facebook and discover a sleeping hidden social niche that is smoking hot!

You’ll also learn more about Facebook marketing than many fortune 500’s, like how to spy on them and anyone else who is your competition!

We will also show you how; with over 150 million members, and eleven hundred targeting options, that MySpace is still a surprisingly relevant and profitable powerhouse, when it comes to media buying!

Don’t ever be fooled by the simplicity of co-registration. This is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood, powerful methods of attracting attention, and driving new targeted customers to any offer.

Here are our top picks, tricks and prudent warnings!

We’ll also discuss buying space from more established pre-qualified email marketing lists and so much more!

Intro to Portals & Direct Buys:

Sold in cost per thousand, this is not for beginners and there is more risk than in the many other methods we will discuss.

However, you must know the players because when you have a proven product and offer, this can mean a huge difference to your bottom line!

Here the usual minimum contract and insertion order is $5000.

But, the larger the contract you buy, the lower the cost per click you’ll pay and the profits can be astounding!

Learn how to get inside the system and discover how to make it work for you!

MOBILE’s Edge:

The demand is there, and the tools are available.

We’ll introduce you to players with over 511 BILLION impressions successfully served!

You’ll discover how this will be the natural progression for some offers, after you have cut your teeth in Facebook!

Now that you know where to buy ads…

Learn how to…

Build your own ad’s text and images; write ad copy, building a swipe file…

Here is where you’ll get proven ideas that work!

Discover the secrets to successful testing and tracking!

Find your media buying search words, and how to create search words that weed-out free loaders!

Discover how to isolate your most profitable tactics for fine-tuning and scale up.

Then you will find out how to get your banners done quickly, and cheaply using our personal favorite outsourcers!

Coming up, next month… more ways to build your funnel so that it makes more conversions, all on its own!


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