Faster Smarter Better

Module 7

Objectives for this Module

There comes a point when every lone wolf entrepreneur needs to decide…

Does he or she want to go it alone so that at the end of the day he or she can

say that he owns 100% of possibly a million dollar company or…

Do they want to say that they own 20% of a twenty million dollar company and do only two tenths of the work! (That’s 4 Million!)

Joint Ventures have that ability!

Often combining your assets with someone else’s assets allow you both to provide better products to more people for a bigger piece of the pie!

This is why Coke and Pepsi both compete fiercely for the right to Joint Venture with McDonalds and other popular chain restaurants!

Are you ready for a Joint Venture?

What should you watch out for so your Joint Ventures don’t go sour?

Where do you start?

Start with this video to get answers!

Who should you join forces with? Where do look to find them?

How do you organize your search for Faster Smarter Better results?

This Module shows you how!

Faster Smarter Better is about finding systems that work and automating them so you can accomplish more!

In this Module, you’ll discover the systems you’ll need for Joint Venture success.

Plus, you’ll learn some sure fire ways to contact, and secure the biggest names in your niche so that they’ll beg to be partners with you!

We’ll give you multiple ways to get the Gurus’ full attention, and go so far as to even show you step-by-step how to create a killer letter of introduction for yourself!

Joint Ventures have the highest potential of changing an entrepreneur’s life over night so watch closely; there is a lot to digest in all three of this month’s informative videos!


7 1 Video 1: Joint Ventures Intro
7 1 Video 1: Joint Ventur ...
7 2 Video 2: Finding A Partner
7 2 Video 2: Finding A Pa ...
7 3 Video 3: Joint Ventures – From Infrastructure To Introductions
7 3 Video 3: Joint Ventur ...
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