Faster Smarter Better

Module 6

Objectives for this Module

We begin this month’s module by shedding light on a highly misunderstood method of creating backlinks, generating buzz, and increasing your standing in the search engines.

It is the online press release!

After watching this video you’ll understand how and why press releases will make your efforts to succeed work faster and better, by creating and distributing a press release about your business, product or service the smart way.
You’ll also discover where and how to submit a press release for optimal impact and where you can outsource the task, if need be, efficiently and effectively!

Get ready for a wild ride because while all good press releases always work to further your efforts… you never know who will pick up your press release!

Often press releases with a timely and interesting storylines lead to massive exposure overnight, and have the power to build fortunes with the fame they provide, while introducing you to lifelong customers, all in one fell swoop!

Everyone who has ever used Google has witnessed the power that videos wield in capturing our attention. Who hasn’t clicked on a video result, when searching online for answers?

Regardless, of the fact that Google has an entire separate video search, many keyword search results will contain a link to a video in the top 3 or 4 spot, ranked well above the websites of even nationally recognized brands!
What many outside of the Faster Smarter Better system don’t realize is how incredibly easy it is to get your own video into this spot and claim the traffic it provides.

This video will show you how to make a video easily or get it made inexpensively.

Most importantly, you will get the tools you need and learn how easy it is to get your video listed in those top spots and attract more attention in this way, than some of the nationally recognized brands in your niche!

You’ll surely be surprised by the diversity of opportunities this video provides for using social media to build links and capture the attention of potential customers online.

Faster Smarter Better will provide you with a long list of social media websites and communities, where you can build your business through relationships, in this video!

You are about to discover the prime places to go online, and the tools you’ll need to get started and stay productive.

There are right and wrong ways to use social media, and they are far less obvious than the standard example of finding out on the day of surgery that your surgeon has posted pictures of himself – wearing a lampshade and pumping a keg straight into his mouth at an office party the night before!


Social media mastery is a delicate matter. You’ll want to arm yourself with our 5 step self promotion strategy, and no nonsense tips and examples, for Faster Smarter Better social media results.

We have spent a lot of time on sending people to your door, and I bet your itching to make tons of sales.

Well, consider this video the doorway that leads to you clinching more deals, and capitalizing on all the work you have done so far!

In this video, you’ll discover how to draw from everything you have built, to create the best sales copy that will convert more of your visitors into paying customers!

We will go beyond the basics and teach you how to isolate the elements of your products and services that will create the highest level of longing and desire.

You’ll also learn how to set or raise the price of your products, to generate the most profit and all the while creating in your brand a higher level of perceived value and real worth!

Pulling together, all of the ingredients, out of that cupboard you just discovered in the last video installment on copywriting, this video, will layout the proven step-by-step process for cooking up Faster, Smarter, and Better copywriting confections!

Oh, how sweet it is!

You’ll find it’s easy to create killer copy that positions your products and services as the only logical solution to your customer’s needs!

In this video, we will showcase three separate examples of proven profit pulling sales copy and overlay each with our own special Faster Smarter Better copywriting “recipe”.

You’ll see how each proven example uses our same basic recipe with slight tweaks.

You’ll discover how you can tweak each ingredient, ever so slightly, to fit your own products and services, instantly creating sales copy that addresses your customer’s psychological needs and generates a strong burning desire in their hearts that only purchasing your products and services will quench!

How do you know?

Will changing the lead-in headline, double or triple your sales?

Will choosing another background color increase sales or not?

Are your images helping or hindering your campaign?

If you sold your business today or tomorrow, how much would it be worth?

Discover in this video, how to test your system thoroughly with Faster Smarter Better onsite and offsite diagnostic tools!

You have the ability today, to monitor and evaluate every action you make and counter re-action your visitors make.

Leaving any change you make, up-to-chance would be totally irresponsible!

You’ll discover almost immediately what it is that is working well, and what you could do to make it work even better, by split testing incremental nuances in your sales copy, etc., until you reach the maximum amount of sales conversions possible!

And then learn how to beat that too!

You’ll move on to the next module with a greater sense of confidence, when you witness the statistical proof of the power the system you have set up produces!


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