Faster Smarter Better

Module 5

Objectives for this Module

In this brief introduction video, you’ll be exposed to an essential concept of online marketing.

This is the all-important “broad-mouthed sales funnel”, which literally scoops customers out of the web by attracting casual web surfers, by differing means and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

At several points across the internet, you will begin to collect sales leads, and funnel them back to your offers, generating your initial income, and also progressing them along the path of continual sales; wherein you supply them readily and steadily with the perfect products and services, based on knowledge you have gleaned throughout your relationship together.

In this second video, we are going to more closely dissect the sales funnel.

Soon you will understand that the bigger and better the mouth of your sales funnel (or customer scoop) is, the more income you can make.

Since you will want to setup your sales funnel and “customer net” around several sectors of the Internet, to capture as many sales as possible, we will need to provide you with smartest and best information for, all sectors of the web!
Where other marketing courses teach tricks and schemes, leading to short-term profits, by exploiting loopholes and anomalies, the Faster, Smarter Better approach stresses long-term, mutually beneficial relationships to achieve more sustainable goals.

One of the smartest relationships you can court online is with the search engines.

A strong healthy relationship with the big search engines is paramount for securing that free traffic will continually visit your websites repeatedly.

In this video you will discover how beneficial working with the search engines, (rather than against them) can be, and you will begin to understand how you can accomplish giving search engines what they want and need, so they will happily send tons of free traffic to your doorstep!

In this short video, you’ll find the fastest, smartest, and best explanation of what goes on behind the scenes, and under the hood of your favorite search engines.

You’ll discover what you need to know about their inner workings, to prepare yourself for the tasks that lie ahead in upcoming videos.

In this video, we will compare and contrast some of the big search engine players.

We’ll discuss who uses them, and why. We will also discover how we can utilize this knowledge to our advantage.

Then we will introduce you to an important tool for unearthing hidden information about how websites are ranked in search engines. Plus, how you can use this information to learn the best practices of your top competitors!

You may have the best information in the world on your website, but search engines won’t send people to see it if… they don’t know how to categorize your content, to meet the needs of their searchable data bases.

From the words you choose, to how your pages are structured, there are many things you can do, to make sure your website and content the most logical result, for a given keyword search on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

In this video, you’ll learn the major pressure points that maximize the various aspects of standard online publishing, so that your website, and its content can be readily categorized for prime listings, by the major search engines.

In addition, you will discover more tools for dissecting the hidden efforts that your competition is using on their web pages, for you to emulate and then beat!

Consider your website the host of the grandest party online!

If it were to take place in your own home, you would want to greet your guests at the front door, and show them around.

Of course their will be places you’ll want to be sure to point out, and possibly a few places (like the spare bedroom full of boxes or the messy closet) you’d rather they not see.
The same concept with search engines applies!

You will want to show them where all the best parts of your website are located, and possibly hide a few from their view.

In this video, you will discover how to create an invitation that search engines understand, so they can navigate your website, and help you show other visitors where to find everything on your website (that you want them to see)!

It’s called a web for a reason!
Picture if you will, a vast sticky spider web spread all over the Internet – with you at the center ready to “embrace” every visitor the moment you feel their vibration.

We are going to leave this metaphor behind because; Faster Smarter Better is about profiting by delivering value and not being a “predator” on the web.

However, the spider’s web with all points leading to a center is an apt literary device to begin to describe the functions of off site optimization.

Just like a spider who attaches her web to all points of the compass, the strength of your off site optimization depends on where each point is anchored.

Your off site optimization plays a huge role in where you rank in the search engines, and it pulls double duty as the opening of your sales funnel, so when you are building your off site optimization campaign, you’ll want to do everything Faster Smarter and Better!

In this video, you’ll receive the tools you’ll need to anchor your web with quality incoming backlinks from various prime points on the web.

You’ll discover why all links are not created equal, and why some links could actually hurt your chances to prove your worth to the search engines.

In this video, we’ll also discuss winning methods that save time when creating content used to bolster the power of certain link strategies, and show you how you can attract real people at these link points, giving your search engine efforts double or triple the customer pulling power!

You’ll also discover the underlying purpose of more specific link building strategies that we will cover in upcoming modules, so that you are fully prepared for the next steps forward!


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