Faster Smarter Better

Module 13

Objectives for this Module

First of all, in this video, we’ll be celebrating all that you have learned and done thus far.

It’s only been a year since we began but you have already made some incredible progress!

Therefore, it’s prudent at this point, that we pause and focus on helping you objectively measure your current level of success.

Please keep in mind while you watch the following video, that it’s important to consider all of the past modules and lessons that we have shared together, and decide if or which past videos, you’d like to revisit and how doing this might help you.

We also believe this is a good time to give you some more essential advice at this juncture of your online career; in doing so we are, essentially tying up any and all loose ends remaining around the FSB package, that you have already received.

However, while this may be the last module of FSB, don’t think for a second that we have ever aimed at leaving you stranded – because near the end of this video, we have saved some special information, only for your eyes, after reaching this momentous point in your Faster Smarter Better online career.



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13 End
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