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Module 12

Objectives for this Module

While you may have already started bringing a few people onboard, to give you a hand based on our last outsourcing module, which is great, – This module will deliver you from the mom & pop business model level, and lead you into the next step of corporate team building and building a solid corporation.

We will describe in this video how easy it is to set up your business, as a legal corporate entity, and explain how to get all of the protection that corporations can provide you.

We’ll also uncover how to start building your corporate outsourcing team, the right way, from the get-go, by covering everything from the best agreements, policies and documentation forms, you’ll need to have in place before you bring new people on board. Plus, we will give you the how- to set-up procedures for finding and retaining top super star talent.

Retaining Super Star Contractors and Setting Up An Advanced Outsourcing Infrastructure!

Because of the work, your corporate team is capable of producing, your corporation’s greatest asset will be in the top talent you can bring-on and retain!

Therefore, in this video we will start by divulging the fastest, smartest, and best ways that we have used to attract top talent and how we retain the superstars who are making us rich.

These, methods are tested, proven, and they’ll work for you!

In fact, this system works so well that you’ll soon find the only obstacle left in your way, is the limit of how many outsourcers you can manage.

That is why we’ll be showing you how to automate your training processes and how to institute other key time saving measures, that allows your team to become more productive and produce higher quality goods and services for you to sell with the least amount of interaction from you necessary.
So that you can accomplish this feat, we’ll also include in this video, all the tools and techniques that we use to systematize, automate and organize the management of our own huge advanced corporate team, so that you can build your own system that is set-up for unlimited scalability!

Finally, you’ll need to learn how to protect this incredible asset you are creating by designing a security blueprint and instituting it into every segment of your corporation’s infrastructure.

We’ll round out this month by showing you how to do that, too!

Coming up, even more repeatable and profitable automation processes are headed your way, in next month’s module, so stay tuned!


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