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Module 1

Objectives for this Module

Welcome, It all starts here!

In this video you’ll really begin to understand how the Faster Smarter Better system distances itself from all other online courses, you may have seen, (even those that may actually make money in the short term).

Here, you’ll begin to see the blocks of our foundation in building a unique and sustainable online portfolio of Real Business, and how you can set realistic and achievable goals for your financial freedom and independence.

If you ever needed a realistic, no hype reason to get truly excited about starting your own business, this will be the best eleven minutes you can spend this week!

For starters you’ll learn how to calculate your individual “Financial Freedom Number”!

Plus, how to break free from the ineffective and never ending cycle of purchasing one so-called, money making “magic” solution after another.

– Your first real lesson and project begins in this video!

Not every online business model fits every person, so in this video we are going to break down into five basic categories, each profitable online business model, and give you a surprisingly in-depth overview of each, in a very short time.

Here, you’ll quickly expose yourself to exciting online business models and ideas that are totally new to you, along with concrete plans that utilize skills and assets, which you have accumulated in the course of your lifetime (even hobbies apply)!

You’ll see how each model can be leveraged into several profitable online businesses when you first learn to recognize the “common denominators” and begin to methodically apply the best practices from our Faster Smarter Better core system!


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