Landing Page Design Is Integral to Internet Marketing

Landing page design is a integral part of Internet marketing. “Why is landing page design so vital?” you ask. The goal of every Internet marketer is to put money in the bank. You can have hundreds, even thousands of page views. However, if those views don’t convert into cash, you have not accomplished your goal. You have tried your best to market your product or service and still have not made that first dollar. Let us review what you have done so far.

  • You have obtained the rights to or developed a top quality product or service: check!
  • You have secured an affordable, dependable web host to display your site: check!
  • You have written great sales copy to promote your product or service: check!
  • You have studied search engine optimization and have potential customers knocking on your door: check!
  • You have developed a scientifically proven and tested landing page that will convert viewers into customers: What?

The last item is where many folks fail and that is why I got you access to Faster Smarter Better. Our team wants you to be a successful online marketer; therefore, we are packaging all of our years of trial-and-error testing and marketing experience into an affordable training course. Landing page design is a key component of successful conversion. Does your landing page draw attention; does it stand out and get noticed?

That’s great, but good design is more than just getting attention. You must appeal to your customer’s sense of need and compel them to purchase your product. Our 12-module course is packed with information on turning clicks into cash. Video lessons show you how to optimize your landing page for increased response. For example, did you know that the font and color of your headlines and sub-headlines will affect the way potential customers perceive your offering? The use of video can either enhance or detract from your success.

We will show you how to create professional looking videos; additionally, we will show you how and when to use them. Because our lessons are in video format, you don’t just read what to do, you actually see it in action. Our lessons are packed full of useful information; however, if you don’t feel that it’s working for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Whether you need to increase your existing revenue or make your very first dollar, let Faster Smarter Better help.