How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales Per Day


Affiliate marketingIntroduction

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. But how to increase your affiliate sales? It is very easy to get started and the revenue that you can generate is immense. In fact, affiliate marketing can make you rich in very short period of time.

As an affiliate marketer you need a good product that can sell like a hot cake. Well! You can find a good product from affiliate networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction. But the challenge lies how are you going to sell it?

In fact, you not just have to sell products once or twice but many times in a day. In order to do this you need to have ideas that are from out of box.

Here I have given step by step plan to increase affiliate sales. Just read it.

Chalk Out a Plan

The first thing is to chalk out a plan. It is said no one plans to fail but fails to plan. So brainstorm and come out with a well laid out strategy.

It is not necessary that your plan should be of high level. Basic flowcharts and diagrams on paper would be enough. You can highlight things like unique selling point (USP) of your product, keywords related to that particular product, number of daily searches etc.

Your plan must be pragmatic, that means you can change it anytime according to the requirements.

Create eBooks

Now let’s come to the point. My article is about how affiliates can increase their sales per day. First step would be creating eBooks.

Please do not get intimidated! Creating an eBook related to your product is very easy job. You can create content in a word document. Divide your content in 10 to 12 chapters. An eBook must be of 30 to 40 pages, that is enough.

Using software application you can convert your word document into an eBook. For creating content you can take help from website like ezine articles.

Brand Your Product

Next step would be trying to create a brand name for your product. As you know, people love going around the brand name. In fact they do not mind spending more on a product if it is from a particular brand.

Hence try to create a brand for your product that you are selling. Now by creating brand I do not mean a brand like Coca Cola or Pepsi. What I mean your product should show some unique characteristics.

First thing you can do is to create a unique logo for your product. Your logo must stand out from the rest. You can do it with Photoshop, it hardly takes any effort.

Second thing could be a signature or one liner glorifying your product’s benefit. You can try many other things like this.

Offer Bonuses to Visitors

You have created an eBook and a brand name, now you have to give away copies of that eBook for free. You have to let people to download eBooks from your website after they register.

In return you bring a lot of visitors to your website. Later on these visitors would be ready to buy your product after they read your free eBook. Your eBook will help in promoting the brand name of your product.

Before you give eBooks for free to your visitors, never forget to take their names and email addresses. You can build a relevant email list, using this list you can sell many other products to them.

If you are not collecting their names and email addresses then you are leaving money on the table.

Reengineer Successful Businesses

If you find difficult to understand and implement above mentioned steps then you can do some case study. Look for other successful affiliate marketers who have excelled and making huge money.

You can reengineer or re-model their success. You can keep an eye on them and notice what and how they are selling their products.

How they create their eBooks, what products they are selling and what techniques they are using to reach out their potential customers.

You learn from their mistakes and success without reinventing the wheel.


Let me conclude by saying you can increase your sales per day if you are an affiliate marketer. You just need to follow few simple steps.

  1. Brainstorm what you are going to do.
  2. Create eBooks related to the product you will be selling.
  3. Try to create a brand name around the product
  4. Offer bonuses to visitors.

Reengineer your competitors.

This article is written by Pritam Nagrale who is an internet marketer and blogger. He writes about blogging & make money topics on many of his blogs.

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