Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

We can show you some very simple but usually overlooked techniques to help you increase website conversion rates. Website conversion rates are measured by the percentage of visitors to a website who take some kind of action that a marketer or webmaster desires. A desired action could be completing an application or using the website to make a purchase. In retail, this is known as converting window shoppers into customers.

Increasing conversion rates means increasing sales and profits. Tracking of these rates is important because you have numbers to gauge the success of your marketing efforts. It gives you some insight as to why visitors to your website respond to the information you have posted. You can use this insight to improve your website to increase the number of inquiries and sales it generates. You can use statistics on increased website conversion rates to attract investors if you are thinking of expanding your business.

Learn How To Beef Up Your Website Conversion Rates

We can show you techniques that have increased our own website conversion rates. All these techniques are in Faster Smarter Better. We realize that everyone’s situation is unique, but these techniques are often overlooked because they are so simple. They can be used by marketers and webmasters in many different industries. These techniques will cost you nothing or next to nothing to implement.

Even something as simple as adding trust badges – icons for security certificates – can make the difference between a visitor clicking through a website to make a purchase or complete an application, or not. We can show you how to design and implement pop-ups that users will think of as useful instead of annoying. You will learn where to post online ads so that you get same day results from targeted traffic. The last few chapters of our online course move beyond simple techniques to help you think in broader terms about your marketing strategies and using a website to meet business goals.

Our course will show you how to produce a video opt-in page at no cost or at low cost from resources available on the internet. We will show you how to post your video on YouTube and a simple technique that you can use to enormously increase the number of views of your video. Our course has online videos that will take you step-by-step through the processes you need to implement the techniques.