How To Survive & Thrive In Google’s Mobilegeddon – Infographic

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As you may already know — Google released its latest update to their algorithm that’s designed to improve the search experience for mobile users. In a nutshell Google is giving priority to websites that are deemed mobile-friendly. Good news for searchers, bad news for some businesses that either missed the memo or simply behind the eight ball and have not optimized their website for mobile users.

To Avoid Significant Reduction in Mobile Traffic – We Suggest Taking Action Now. Here’s How.

1. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

to all mobile devices. There’s all kinds of mobile devices, make sure your website looks good and is easy to navigate on ALL devices.

2. Make Sure Your Forms Are Mobile Friendly Too

Email signup 8- contact forms are a critical part of your site, but when it comes to mobile devices, the less required fields for the visitor the better.

3. Embrace Social AutoFill

Improving the user experience by saving your customer’s time (and their sanity) and watch your conversion rates go up as much as 189%

4. Create A Specific Well, Placed Call To Action Button

Mobile users are 3x as likely to convert into customers – so give them something appealing to click

5. Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Tool & Check For Yourself

Google has provided a very useful tool to protect business owners and help them understand the requirements of the new mobile friendly google update. Go to: and enter your website URL.


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