How To Generate Fresh Content Ideas for Your Blog or Website

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Maybe you’re lucky and always know what to write about? Or if you’re like the rest of us then sometimes you could do with a little bit of inspiration.

You’re only human. Luckily for you there’s a multitude of different ways to get ideas for a new blog post. You’ll probably find that you only need a little nudge in the right direction and then you won’t be able to stop typing.

Make a note of these suggestions and keep them handy for whenever you run out of ideas. Here’s some tips on how to blog and make money.

Search through your archives

You have some amazing content stored away that doesn’t get read as much as you’d like. Have a look through some of them and see if you can expand on what you’ve already written.

Build and Maintain your Company BrandCould it be that you’ve changed your opinion about something? Or you’ve possibly found a way to make something better and now is the perfect time to let your readers know.

Check out popular posts on other blogs

It’s not hard to find out what the most popular posts are on other blogs. Most people have them positioned in their sidebar.

Have a look through them and try to work out why they are popular. They could have missed something that you can expand on. You could even make an argument against their claims if you disagree with them.

Stay ahead of the curve

You should know your niche better than anyone. What’s been happening lately? Is there anything likely to happen in the future that you could be the first to talk about?

Or you could go out and experiment with new ideas in your niche, then you’d definitely be the first person to talk about them.

Build and Maintain your Company Brand

Read lots of books

Another great way to come up with ideas doesn’t require you to be online. Simply grab a book and start reading. You never know what ideas could pop into your head by reading a new book.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend money. Just take a walk down to the local library and they should have all the selection you could possibly need. Even better, you could borrow one from a friend.

Watch a few videos

Instead of reading you can head over to Youtube and watch some videos. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world so they will always have something you will like.

Just start typing a few relevant terms into the search bar and pick out the videos that catch your eye. Although it sound crazy it does work.

Ask your email list

Send your email list a quick broadcast asking if they have suggestions about what you should cover. Even if you have a small list you can count on a few people getting back to you.

At least using this method you’ll be giving people exactly what they want. If you get enough replies you’ll also have blog post ideas covered for the next month.

Conduct an interview

Ask another blogger in your niche if you can interview them. This is a great way to fill a slot in your schedule and you’ll also pick up a few ideas while doing the interview.

Just make sure the questions you cover are relevant to your audience and you’re onto a winner. It’s even better if you manage to get someone with authority.

Take a few days to chill out

Finally, just kick back and relax for a few days. There’s nothing wrong with letting your mind have a chance to unwind.

You will probably find that you have more than a few ideas pop into your head while you are chilling out. Just remember to keep a notebook handy so you can write them all down.

This post was written by Vadim Kirichenko. Vadim works with a Toronto web design company BusinessMedia. He shares his experience and knowledge in web design and blogging field through guest posts.

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