Should You Hire A Content Manager to Protect Your SEO Rankings


hire-content-manager-protect-seo-rankingsWith all the constant changes in marketing trends, companies are always wondering whether or not they should hire certain individuals to maintain or monitor certain aspects of their marketing strategies. For example, many companies have recently started to hire community managers in order to manage and monitor their social media platforms. Hiring someone to tackle this job allows someone experienced to handle it and alleviates it from falling into the lap of another employee.

Another job that employers are considering to fill lately is the role of a content housekeeper. With all the rules and strategies that are employed for companies’ content marketing efforts, it’s a good idea to give one person this responsibility.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important marketing effort if businesses want to get their websites found on search engines. But search engines have rules and algorithms they use to determine the ranking of websites, and if a company’s SEO fails to be organic or abuses an SEO rule, they can find themselves de-indexed.


A content housekeeper can keep your SEO clean and organic.

By putting your online content into the hands of a content housekeeper, you can ensure that your SEO efforts remain organic. This means that keywords will occur in your content, but will only occur naturally. Content housekeepers will eliminate keyword stuffing from your content and perform research to ensure your content is using the right keywords naturally.

Content housekeepers can also ensure that your online copy is not using other black hat SEO tactics. They’ll double check that your links occur naturally and lead to valuable and quality sites, and they’ll also make sure you’re not using cloaking, doorway pages or hidden text inside your content either. 

A content housekeeper can keep you providing quality writing.

A content housekeeper can also ensure that your company’s writing is always consistent and considered high quality work as part of your seo content strategy. They can proofread all the content for your site to ensure that it is error free, and they can also be responsible for running it through grammar check tools and spelling checkers for added value. If they find that anything is of poor quality, they can send it back to the initial author for edits. Not only is this good for your company’s SEO, but it also helps your company’s overall image.

A content housekeeper can keep records.

Your content housekeeper can also be responsible for organizing and recording your content. Too many companies create content and post it to the web without keeping records. It’s always a good idea to keep a copy of the work after you send it to the web so that you can reuse it if you need to change your website. Plus, your content housekeeper can also keep records as to when it was posted, where it was posted and any other pertinent metric records, such as shares, web visits or comments, depending on your personal preferences.

Garrett Payne is a social media manager and content writer.  He is a grammar guru and always uses a grammar checker before posting his work online.

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