How To Customize Your Online Marketing Campaign For Success

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customize-online-marketing-campaign-successIt’s no secret that some businesses are seeing huge returns from their online marketing efforts. But in a world where connected customers are constantly flooded with emails and advertisements, many companies’ online marketing efforts are in vain. Messages get lost in the shuffle, ads go unseen, and opportunities are missed. So how can you ensure that your online marketing campaigns are a success for 2017? There are a number of ways that you can customize your campaigns to stand out from the crowd this year.

Custom design

If you’ve ever utilized an email marketing service, you are probably familiar with their templates. Guess what? So are your customers. If you want to differentiate your business from the competition, consider a custom design for your next email campaign. Unique designs are much more likely to attract your customers’ attention than tired templates. And the good news is that custom design doesn’t need to be expensive. Websites such as and allow you to connect with web designers that will meet your design and budget needs.

Visual aids

With social networks like Pinterest absolutely exploding, incorporating visual elements into your next online marketing campaign is crucial. There are a few ways to do this. Infographics add an interesting visual element to marketing materials, and they tend to go viral quickly because they are aesthetically appealing and highly useful. You can also incorporate some unique photos that reflect your business, or a short video that creates value for potential customers. Interesting visuals are more likely to attract the attention of potential customers, increasing your campaign’s effectiveness. Try to find a way to diversify your content creation by finding a visual angle that’s right for yoru business.

Optimize for mobile

With mobile usage eclipsing traditional computer usage in 2015, this should be a no brainer. The world has gone mobile. Customers are constantly connected via smartphones and tablet devices, so optimizing for mobile is no longer optional for businesses. If you want to make a splash with your next marketing campaign, make sure it is optimized for a range of devices. And think about your target audience. For example, are your customers’ iPhone users? If the answer is yes, than it’s critical that your campaign looks incredible on the small screen.

Location, location, location

With more people checking in via social networks like FourSquare, location based marketing is on the rise. Location based marketing is all about connecting with your customers where they are. Having just a open sign for your business may not be enough anymore. It’s especially effective for brick and mortar businesses who are hoping to compete with the online market. Geofencinguses GPS technology in smartphones to connect with customers in a defined perimeter. For example, if a potential customer enters a café next door to your business where you’ve set up a geofence, they will receive a text alert with a special offer. This hyper-local approach is a highly effective marketing tool for businesses who want to improve their bottom line.

Follow up

Retargeting is a way of following up with customers who have clicked through on your campaign but not necessarily taken the desired result. Perhaps they’ve abandoned a full shopping cart, or indicated that they were interested in a product but didn’t make a purchase. Basically, retargeting allows you to choose a certain type of potential customer, then reach them via advertising on sites outside of your business website. So if a customer abandons a full shopping cart before making a purchase, your ad may pop up on the sidebar of a blog or news site that they’ve visited as a reminder that they failed to complete their purchase. Another strategy is to send an email along the lines of “We noticed you didn’t finish your purchase. Here’s a 10% discount to get you to buy in the next 24 hours….”Sometimes a little nudge via retargeting is all it takes.

Creating effective online marketing campaigns is a key contributor to the success of your business in 2017. By ensuring that you are reaching your customers where they are, you have a better chance of making connections and enticing them to visit your website, make a purchase, etc. If you are hoping to turn potential customers into existing customers this year, these are some great ways to get started.

About The Author: Julianne Parrish is a freelance writer that specializes in marketing and advertising. She reviews sites like Optiva Signs. In her free time she enjoys reading and spending time with her daughter.

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