Create An Email Newsletter

Is your business struggling to get the word out or prospects are visiting your website, browsing around, and then leaving forever? 

Those people don’t purchase from you the first time they visit your website, right? They shop around. When they do decide to buy, how do you make they’re thinking of you and not your competitors? Keep in touch with visitors using email newsletters. 

Teach prospects about your product and build trust so they come to you when they’re ready to buy. Aweber makes it easy to create your newsletter and customize it the way you want. Launching a new product and need to notify customers about it at just the right time? Tell us the best time to get the word out. That’s when we’ll deliver your email. Send these immediately or schedule them for a later date. 

We’ll remember to send it even if you don’t. Want to make your emails look great? Our message builder helps you add links and images easily. Design your own newsletter or choose from over 100 colorful email templates. 

After we deliver your emails, we’ll tell you who opened them and clicked your links. With this data, you’ll know how to segment your list and create more relevant profitable emails in the future. We can also deliver your newsletters and RSS feed, and even share it with your Twitter followers. 

Join the tens of thousands of companies that use AWeber to build profitable customer relationships. Visit us and in under two minutes, you can be creating your own email newsletters.

Manage Multiple Email Marketing Campaigns

Maybe you have more than one website or business, or maybe you have multiple products you want to market to people without having to put everyone on the same list. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can manage all of your business email needs all from one place? You can with AWeber. Create as many email campaigns as you need each with its own set of messages tailored to your specific website or product.

Want to manage customers and prospects separately? We’ll automatically put customers on a separate list when they purchase from you. You can run as many campaigns as you would like all for no extra charge.

Join AWeber today and see how easy it is to run all of your business needs from one location. Check us out and in under two minutes, you’ll be ready to run your email campaign.

RSS to Email

Blogs help you quickly and easily share ideas and connect your business to potential customers. RSS helps you do this by automatically telling readers when you publish something new. It’s a powerful technology but has one weakness: Not everyone uses it. In fact, most people don’t even know how. They want to follow your blog but they need you to make it easier.

AWeber can help. We’ll turn your blog into an email newsletter so anyone with an email address can follow you. Just tell us your blog RSS Feed. Then choose one of our colorful email templates. When you publish a new post, we’ll put it in this template and deliver it to your subscribers. If you prefer, we can even send a daily or weekly digest with all of your latest posts. As your readers get your emails and click through your post, you’ll see an increase in traffic and comments, plus even more people will discover your blog as your subscribers forward your emails to them.

Join the many bloggers who reach a bigger audience with AWeber. Visit us at and in under two minutes, you’ll be sending your own blog newsletter.

Aweber Reviews & Testimonials

“Hi! My name is Lucas Rockwell with Yoga Body Naturals. I’m a huge fan of AWeber email marketing software.”

“Hi! My name is Kenton Hoppas. I use AWeber at work to promote my film website.”

“Hi! My name is Lalitha Brahma. I use AWeber for my business, Elbee Services LLC for sending out my easy.”

“My name’s Bob Borkoski and I’m a general manager owner here at Ollie’s Frozen Custard”

“Hi! My name is Richard Lang. I’m co-ordinator of the UK charity, the Shollond Trust here in the London.”

“Hi there! It’s Angela Wills here from And I just wanted to tell you why I love AWeber.”

“What I love about AWeber is that their deliverability is the best than any provider I’ve seen which means if I send out an email announcing a new Yoga course or new Yoga book, I know those emails are going to get there.”

“AWeber’s got all these processes are automated.”

“They listen to the needs and provide updates which makes it easy to use their service.”

“How I use AWeber is as a communications tool, as a marketing tool for my business, and as a sales tool.”

“I also love AWeber’s interface. I’m a non-techie guy and even for me, everything in AWeber is totally intuitive.”

“They’re so good and they’ve helped me double my traffic to my website and build loyal customer base.”

“It’s been a great thing using AWeber. It’s helped us build an international community which keeps growing and growing.”

“Using email here in our store and it’s that really, really successful.”

“What it is about AWeber that helps me so much is that I can pick up the phone and call them or even the most important thing I thought was helpful was the online live chat that answered my questions and solved my all my problems.”

“It’s a great resource for your business. And I haven’t found anything else that I love better for email marketing.”

“So I highly recommend the AWeber. They make emailing easy.”

“My friends and clients ask me all the time who they should pick to manage their email list and I always say, without a doubt, choose AWeber.”

“Thank you so much, AWeber team, and wish you all the best.”