Activities that Your Social Media Accounts Should be Doing on a Daily Basis


activities-social-media-accounts-daily-basisBeing on social networking sites seems to be a must for marketers these days. In fact, more and more companies are joining the bandwagon everyday – some of whom even hiring their own corporate social strategist. This isn’t surprising at all considering that these platforms offer them the opportunity to achieve online visibility at a minimal cost and also allow them to easily tap into their respective niche.

Despite the potentials that social media provides, however, many companies are still failing to achieve success on their campaigns all because they think they got everything covered. Unfortunately for these companies, their complacency often make them forget to do some basic tasks that every business should do on their social networking accounts. And, if you are doing your own share of marketing on these platforms, you might want to evaluate if you are missing on any of the following activities indicated below and correct them early on to avoid doom.


Many businesses miss out on a lot of marketing opportunities on social networking sites simply because they do not make an effort to be visible. If you frequently do this, you should not expect your fans and followers to stay long enough on your page or worse visit your page at all since you do not make much of an impact. You should have social media activities to increase engagements.

Remember that social networking platforms were called as such because they require interactivity. Hence, regardless of your schedule, you need to set aside time to visit your social networking sites everyday to establish your presence and to let your fans or followers know that you are always there. An hour or two is probably enough to attend to all your accounts. If you do not have such time, then assign one of your employees to do the task.

Post Engaging Content

As with any other marketing campaign, content is the king. That said, you need to make sure that you regularly post content – be it in the form of visuals or texts – that your fans or followers will find valuable. Doing so will not only pique the interest of your fans or followers, but will also paved the way for a dialogue. Posting compelling content is also a great means to show your expertise.

Learn to interact

Social networks thrive on relationships and the more relationships you have in these platforms, the more established you become. One of the best means to create a lasting relationship with your followers or fans is to interact with them during discussions. Take the time to provide feedback to questions as well as advice. Also commend others if they share insightful posts. Doing these things will send out the message that you are listening to what others have to say and that you are welcoming them as a part of your community.

Share content from other users

It’s alright if you post your own content on your social networking channels. After all, you have complete control over it and you have them in the first place to showcase your products or services. However, do not forget that people are always on the lookout for unique and fresh content. While there is nothing wrong with posting the ones related to your business, highlighting them everyday can be an overkill. So rather than focusing on posting your own content, it is advised that you share content from others as well. This only goes to show that you ares supporting your peers and that you would want others to be aware about the industry you are in. Every once in a while, you can also feature some of the content that your fans or followers created. Doing so is a way of saying that you are rewarding them for their hard work.

Article written by Robert Kirk from RFK Solutions Ltd a UK based SEO & Website Design company.

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