6 Reasons Why Your Email Campaigns Are Failing


Why Your Email Campaigns Are FailingMost email marketers want their list to grow bigger every day. However, many people still experience problem when growing their list. If you have a list that doesn’t grow at all, you might prevent your list from growing. Here are 6 blocks that will prevent you from building big email marketing lists:

1. Too many unsubscription requests

Perhaps there are many people who are joining your list every day, but there are many people who unsubscribe from your list as well. If you experience this problem, chances are you have a wrong system in your email marketing campaign. The biggest reason of many unsubscription requests is boring or annoying emails. So, try to fix your emails and start sending more quality emails to your subscribers.

2. You lack promotional effort

Building a list is not like building a squeeze page and then leave it alone to accumulate subscribers automatically. It’s not like that at all. If it’s that simple, people would be rich. In fact, building a list needs a constant promotional effort. If your list stays small, it might be because you don’t promote it aggressively.

3. Your list is too general

For example, if your list is about health and you tell your visitors to join your list like this: “join our list to get newest information about health”, when your main visitors are those who need information about healthy diet, will they join your list? The answer is no. If you want them to join your list, you have to specialize in specific niche in order to attract their attention. If your list is too general, not many people will join it.

4. Your offer is not catchy enough

If you want people to join your list, you have to offer them some free gifts in order to persuade them to join. The problem is that when your free gifts are not appealing to them, you will have problem in attracting their interest. Why? That’s because when you offer something not interesting, their perspective of you will be that of a negative one. You better change what you offer to them if you want to attract lots of subscribers to your list.

5. You sound like a salesperson from the start

Although some people may be attracted with a salesperson, most people don’t want to deal with them, especially to entrap themselves in his list for a long time. If you sound like a salesperson from the start, people may want to join your list, but they will unsubscribe immediately the first time you make mistake. So, be sure to keep this in mind. Mind your language. Be like professional, not salesperson.

6. Sending automatic email

Do you think of your subscribers like robots? If you think that you can only deal with your subscribers with automatic email and expect them to buy your stuff, you’re wrong. Automatic email will only hurt your reputation if you don’t balance it with personal communication. If you never send any email to your subscribers other than automatic emails, then be prepared to see many people leaving your list.

Those are blocks that will prevent you from building big list. Once you’ve cleared those blocks from your list building activities, you’ll start seeing steady growth in your list.

This article has been written by Kim who is a contributor for whoishostingthis.com where you can compare different hosting.

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