5 Ways NOT To Do Email Marketing


5 Ways NOT To Do Email MarketingThe best way to succeed at doing something is first learning how it should not be done. Once you are aware of what needs to be avoided, you will be able to concentrate more on what you need to embrace. Email marketing is a concept that has gained great popularity in recent times. Here are five tips on how not to do email marketing.


Timing in relation to email marketing is very important. There are times of the day and days of the week when you should not send out an email newsletter. Do not send out a marketing email on Friday evening or during the weekend. Chances of your email will not be read. This is especially true if the target market is largely made up of people who have a five-day working week.

In terms of time of day, do not send out your email late in the evening when everyone is out of the office or very early in the morning when people are clearing their mail inbox in anticipation of more emails for the day’s business. Neither should you send these emails during the wee hours of the night. This is simply unacceptable. Sending the right email at the right time increases the chances of your email being read.


Do not send out emails after every three or so hours for example. Unless you are out to annoy your clients, you should never be too frequent with marketing emails. Many times, clients will not hesitate to report your messages as spam. Your email-marketing strategy should strive to strike a balance relating to frequency of sending out emails. There is a problem in sending out messages both too frequently and too rarely. As earlier stated, you will get on your clients nerves by posting too often. Rarely sending out marketing emails also runs the risk of your clients forgetting about your products or services.

Length of Your Email

The length of your email often determines whether it will be read or not. Do not write long messages in your email. This tends to discourage the client from reading the mail to the end especially if he or she has a busy schedule. A brief email will do you much good.

Apart from this on how to improve email marketing campaigns, there is also the fact that clients rarely read marketing emails. A large percentage of people will scan or skim through the email looking to get its message. It is easier to skim through a brief email and get its message than longer ones. This brings up the importance of powerful autoresponder services such as Aweber. They are usually bundled with proven short email templates that you can use.

Something you need to avoid which is closely related to the length of the mail is the use of photos. Photos consume a lot more bandwidth when being loaded from the internet. Thus, it affects your email’s loading time, which may make your clients lose patience. In addition, it could make your emails appear longer than they really are.

Finally yet importantly, you should never ignore feedback from your clients. Entrepreneurs sometimes take client feedback lightly and fail to act on the recommendations made through the feedback. This is simply a

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