3 Ways To Boost Your Membership Site Income


3-ways-boost-membership-site-incomeOne of the big advantages of running a membership site is the ongoing recurring income that you get from your members. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to supplement that recurring income. Lets look at a few strategies for making even more from your membership site. Here’s how to start a membership business.

Small Group Or Personal Coaching

One strategy is to offer a coaching upgrade to your members. Some of your members will likely be willing to pay extra for more personal attention, either to help them understand the content better or to run ideas by you.

You can make this a group coaching environment, such as a webinar, where you interact with other members as a group or you could make it a one-on-one setting where coaching clients get to interact with you directly. One-on-one coaching can be handled over Skype, on the telephone or through a private forum.

Backend Offers

Another effective strategy for boosting your income is to offer multiple levels of membership or other types of upsells. For instance, lets say you have a membership teaching people how to build their own websites. As an upsell, you could offer a done for you service where you (or your team of outsourcers) does the work for your members.

Or you could have different levels of content every month. eg. If you run a service membership, you could offer several levels, each with a different amount of work included.

You can offer these upsells during the signup process, or you can offer them in the future as an option to upgrade. Better yet, offer them in both places new members get a discounted price and if they dont want it, they can get it later but will pay more.

Affiliate Promotions

Offering related products to your members through an affiliate link is another way to earn extra income from your membership. Provided you are promoting high-quality offers, your members will be glad to hear about things that can benefit them.

This works best if your recommendations are related to the topic of the membership, particularly if it can help with what theyre learning somehow. For instance, a software program that automates some repetitive task they have to perform would work well.

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