Top 30 Resources for Internet Marketers – Video & Audio Editing Software, Sales Pages, Graphic Design & Voiceovers

Video Editing Resources (4)

Here are some programs to use if you’d like to turn this content into a streaming or downloadable video course. Some are free and some are paid solutions, try and use the ones you feel most comfortable using.

  1. Windows Movie Maker   .  This can usually be found pre-installed on your computer. If you can’t find it there, you can always reference Microsoft’s website to download a copy right onto your system.
  2. Camtasia –
  3. Prism Video Converter Software
  4. Stock Video, Intros & Effects

Audio Editing Resources (2)

Audacity is a free, open source audio program that is compatible with a number of operating systems. Use it to clean up your audio for your videos.Wavepad has a free and a paid version and also works well.

  1. Audacity
  2. WavePad

Sales Page Resources (2)

You can use any of these recommended solutions to create or edit a sales page. Making unique sales pages or squeeze pages is another key to separating yourself from other resellers.

  1. Microsoft Frontpage
  2. Coffee Cup

Graphics & Design Resources (12)

You can easily set yourself apart from the competition just by using new graphics on your sales pages. Here are some recommended resources for creating & editing graphics and some some recommended graphic designers that can make your product completely unique..

  1. Get A Cool Sales Page Theme
  2. Create Realistic Box Shot Graphics
  3. Find Cool Images & Artwork &
  4. PhotoShop
  5. Gimp
  6. Paint

Voice Overs Websites (2)

  1. Defining Voice Productions
  2. Hire Professional Voice Talent

If you need a 3rd party service to manage your optin list building then we recommend Aweber. You should be building your own lists.While we do most of our list management in house, we do have multiple lists managed by Aweber as well.We’ve used them for years and they are top notch in email delivery and reliability for your mailing lists.

Web Hosting (2)

  1. Domain Registrar – NameCheap
  2. List Management – Aweber

Content Delivery Resources (6)

You could delivery your products on a simple download page, via a secure member’s area or as a physically shipped product. Here are some solutions to help you deliver your content. We’ve used DigitalAccessPass over the years and it’s really slick, we also have been using JW Player to deliver streaming videos. OptimizePress is our theme of choice we use to run most of our sites online.

  1. Create Physical Products – Kunaki
  2. Membership Site Management
  3. WordPress Theme
  4. Delivering Managing Video Content – Easy Video Player
  5. Membership Site Management – MemberSpeed
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